Why is music so important to writing? Well, duh. Music sets the tone. Conveys a picture or feeling without those pesky words we chase around the page. Music is a HUGE part of my WIP both figuratively and literally. I’ve amassed quite an iTunes playlist that I turn to when writing certain scenes, plus music — particularly classic piano and Southern Dixieland — plays a major role in the plot itself.

Need an intense fight scene? Cue “Monster” by Skillet. Need hotness in a hurry? Try “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon. Want to conjure the South without voodoo intervention? I’m partial to the Bay City Brass Band.

Below is most of my playlist for my WIP. I’m a mom, so I have to warn you, some of it is adult-oriented. The first is “All the Right Moves” from OneRepublic and I’ve included the official video because it –freakishly– mirrors my WIP. Great minds, and all that:

“Kiss With a Fist” by Florence + the Machine

“Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon – YUM.

“What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park

“Add it Up” by the Violent Femmes – A classic.

Etude-Tableau Op.33 No.2 by Rachmaninoff

Etude-Tableau Op.33 No.3 in C minor

Moments musicaux, Op.16 (Maestoso) by Rachmaninoff

Moments musicaux Op. 16 (Andantino) by Rachmaninoff

Moments Musicaux Op.16 (Presto) by Rachmaninoff

Moments Musicaux Op.16 (Andante cantabile) by Rachmaninoff

Moments musicaux Op.16 (Allegretto) by Rachmaninoff

“The Game” by Disturbed

“To Wish Impossible Things” by The Cure

“Pain” by Three Days Grace

“Save a Prayer” by Duran Duran (Ah, the ’80s. Gotta love ’em.)

“Monster” by Skillet

“Love Song” cover by 311 – I’m a HUGE fan of The Cure (who originally did this song) but I actually like this version, too.

“Insatiable” by Darren Hayes – This song is practically sex on a stick.

“Back Against the Wall” by Cage the Elephant – LOVE the song, seriously messed-up video.

“Undisclosed Desires” by Muse – Yeah. This is why I don’t watch videos anymore.