Several authors have thrown down the hatchet in a sort of extended nanowrimo challenge: To write a significant chunk of a Young Adult novel or revise one of you’ve already started by Aug. 31.

Author Theodora Goss started the challenge in a May 24 post. Here’s the gist of it:

1. The challenge will run June 1st to August 31st.
2. The goal of the challenge is to write or revise a YA novel, or part of a YA novel.
3. To meet that goal, set smaller goals for yourself: words per day, pages revised per week, etc.
4. If you would like, blog about your progress. Remember that failure is as important as success.
5. Anyone can join or leave the challenge at any time. It’s always OK to start or stop.

If you plan on blogging about your progress and would like me to link to your blog, sent me the URL you would like me to link to and the name you would like me to use. I’ll link to it under YA Novel Challenge (on the sidebar). My email address is

I’ve e-mailed her to add my name to the list. Because I’m pretty far along in my novel, I’m hoping to have it finished, revised, critiqued, etc. and ready to be sent to agents by the Aug. 31 deadline. I definitely think it’s doable.

As for smaller goals, that’s a toughy because it all depends on what my little ones let me get away with on any certain day. I can’t set a daily word goal, but I can handle some bigger deadlines.


  • I will finish the entire first draft by the end of June.
  • Major critiques should be done by the end of July.
  • Final revisions will be done by Aug. 31 (if not before)
  • I will submit a query to Adams Literary Sept. 1 (which is also my tenth wedding anniversary! What a way to celebrate!)

Please consider joining the challenge as well, and if you do, let me know!