Hmm, it’s Sunday again already, which means another #SixSunday–about the only thing this slacker blogger can handle these days.

This excerpt is much different than last week’s. It’s an, um, exchange between the MC, 16-year-old Dylan, and the Civil War spirit who has just wiggled his way into her room at Oakleigh House, a historic (and allegedly haunted) antebellum mansion in Mobile, AL.

I shiver when his hands move from my back to circle my ribcage. He brushes his thumbs over the soft flesh, coming dangerously close to a line I don’t want to cross yet. I’ve gone from zero to sixty in the last five minutes, no games of truth or dare or movie theater make-outs to soften the shock of skin on skin and lips in places they’ve never been.

“Tell me, Dylanie, are you still completely inexperienced? Or have you shed that particular fear tonight? If not, we still have several hours until dawn to—how shall I say this—perfect your technique.”