It’s Sunday, and that means another six sentences from Want, which will be released in June by Inkspell Publishing! It was written as YA, but our main character has some definite adult tendencies. Since most of the participants in #sixsunday (click here to see the others!) are romance writers/readers, they’ll probably recognize the undertones of this passage. Scandal!

Seventeen-year-old Juli has just been yelled at by her twenty-seven-year-old piano teacher. It’s the first time he’s shown his temper. She gets yelled at quite often by someone else close to her, so she’s understandably fearful, but …

He stands behind the piano with his massive arms crossed again, feet wide apart in battle stance.

Scorching embarrassment creeps up my neck and into my ears. Part of it is fear, but part of it is shame, shame because … I kind of like it. The adrenaline tingle is almost pleasant.

What kind of sick freak does that make me?

As if my mind’s betrayal wasn’t enough, my body turns traitor, too, when a tear breaks free and slips down the side of my nose.