It occurred to me that maybe I should share the FIRST six sentences from Want. I’ve posted some interactions between Juli and her piano teacher, but there’s much more to her story. It’s kinda heavy, so next week I’ll make sure to post one of the funnier moments.

If you want vampires and werewolves, faeries, fallen angels or zombies, you won’t find them here. I know a real-life monster. She drains the life out of me and tears at my flesh with words and fingernails that sink deeper than fangs ever could. I’m not her only victim, just her favorite.

Even the thick walls of our ancient house couldn’t absorb the crash of a delicate heirloom when she’d aim at Daddy’s head for his latest transgression. My six-year-old self used to peek around the corner and along the steps to where the monster did battle with Daddy.

Want will be released June 7 from Inkspell Publishing and the cover reveal (OMG GORGEOUS) is Feb. 10 on Novel Novice.