Okay, okay, enough teasing these past few Six Sundays. In today’s six, you find out what’s up with the dude calling Dylanie’s name outside her window … sort of:

In a blink, he’s moved from the base of the gnarled tree to the stone patio beneath me. Despite the landscape lights, he looks solid, not like a spirit at all—no haze, no shapeless black shadow figure. Slowly, so slowly, he raises his head. My legs go weak, and I grip the railing for support. Below me is the hot dark-haired man I saw on the steps when I arrived.

“Dylanie, I ask you again: may I come in?”

(Say yes! Say yes!) Next week we’ll find out what he wants from her. Well, one of the things he wants from her. 🙂

And FYI, the blog tour for my upper YA novel, Want, starts tomorrow! The schedule is online here.

Please check out the other Six Sentence Sunday participants, and I’m so excited because some of my critique group members are posting their very first six today! Please show them some love and welcome them to the group: Lee Ann Ward and Joyce Scarbrough.

Have a great week!