I’m baaaack! Did you miss me? 🙂

Sorry, I was busy doing the debut author thing and launching my book, Want. Thanks to many of you, it’s doing well.

So. On to Six Sunday. Before my hiatus, I was revealing the first interaction between Dylan, a modern teen psychic with a bad attitude and Jackson, a Civil War-era spirit who won’t leave Oakleigh House, where Dylan and several other teens are spending the weekend on a retreat to get their abilities under control.

Since I teased you so much before, I’ll fast-forward to “the good parts.” Jackson has just revealed that he needs Dylan’s help with something and she gets pissed, wanting to know what it is.

“In time, sweetheart. I’ll explain in time. But first, let me demonstrate what it is I can do for you.”

His all-too-real hands tip my head to the side and he leans in.

I have my first kiss.

With a ghost.

More mushy stuff next week! As always, please check out the other participants, listed here. Hope everyone has a fantastic week! *smooches*