Woo! It’s Sunday, which means another six sentences from Shrapnel, my short, weird, Southern ghost story. Dylan is a psychic and is spending the weekend at Oakleigh House with a couple other teens who hope to get their paranormal abilities under control.

She’s just had her first kiss with Jackson, a Civil War-era spirit who refuses to leave the antebellum mansion. He’s wormed his way into her room … and it looks like he’s gunning for more.

“Tell me, Dylanie, has a boy ever kissed you like this?”

“No,” I whisper.

“What about this?” He works his way down my throat to my collarbone and my breath hitches.

“No.” There’s a squeezing in my stomach.

It gets hotter from there, but I’ll have to skip some stuff to avoid major spoilers.

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On a more serious note, those who follow my blog or Twitter handle probably know I discovered this week that my book, Want, is being majorly pirated, even though it’s only been out three weeks.

I had no idea what I could/should do about it, so after some whirlwind research and advice from other authors, I put together a step-by-step post on how to deal with book piracy. Please feel free to share it, link to it, quote it, etc. You have my full permission to use all or part of it–I just want others to be aware of this crime and how to handle it, and the quicker you get a jump on it, the better.