Okay, so I said last week that I’d have big news concerning Shrapnel, but then other news came along that caused a delay in said news, and, well … it’s now a matter of “hurry up and wait.”

So bear with me as I share another six from my mixed-up mutt of an upper-YA story featuring three psychic teens with a ton of emotional baggage and heavy tendency toward sarcasm.

I love writing from the male POV, and this is from Jake, an empath, near the climax of the book:

Apparently, this is The Night of Weird Shit. When Riley yells for Ashley to stay away, I look up the stairs and I’m greeted by Riley’s purple face, Dylan and her haunted hook-up, and some lady that looks an awful lot like Dylan. On the floor is a rather large woman who reminds me of my elementary school lunch lady. Weird, sure, but no reason for Ashley to scream bloody-freaking-murder. Which she does. Right in my ear.

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