As you can see to the left, the cover for SHRAPNEL has finally been revealed! If you’ve been following my Six Sunday posts, you’ll probably understand whose fishnet-clad legs those are ๐Ÿ™‚

Below I bring you another six from SHRAPNEL, my upper-YA mutt novel set in contemporary Mobile, Alabama. Pretty sure this will be the last week I feature this story as I’m anxious to tell you about my next book. I’ve taken a break from YA to write some adult fiction.

In the meantime, here are another six from Dylan’s POV near the end of the book. She’s remembering her former best friend’s reaction when she confessed to her that she was psychic:

Nicole defended me during the divorce crap. She even helped us repaint the garage door when someone spray-painted โ€œGod hates gaysโ€ on it. I guess the psychic thing was just one issue too many. What a moron I was to think I could escape judgment here. Or that I could keep my secrets. I donโ€™t see how this night could get any worse.

Oh, honey, things can always get worse and they usually do.

I hope you have a fantastic week and please be sure to check out some of the other Six Sunday participants listed here!