Want cover w. blurb FINALLast year at this time, we were getting ready to launch WANT into the world, and writing a follow-up hadn’t even entered my mind.

[Enter irate/enthusiastic readers who wanted to know what on earth happened after the last page.] 🙂

Today, you can find out. Once again published by Inkspell Publishing and told from Isaac’s POV, NEED picks up about 2-3 months after the end of WANT. It’s veeeery adult, but still contains the crazy, whacked-out yumminess of the first book.

Here’s what a few early readers are saying:

  • “I have been waiting for Isaac’s side of the story since he broke my heart into pieces in Want. He is a complex character with all these different layers, that the more I tried figuring him out, the more I found myself lost in his madness …. Need is dramatic, sexy, beautifully written, and just an insane journey from the beginning to end.” — Kayla, My Book Muse
  • “I only gots four words for ya: Oh. Em. Effin’. Gee. If you enjoyed WANT, you are gonna curl your toes over NEED, trust that …. A whirlwind bundle of love, passion, anger and sex, all rolled into a pretty pink basket of perfect prose that will slip right inside your mind and take up root, NEED gives hot a whole new name …. The struggle Isaac has with himself and what society has made him feel he’s done is perhaps the strongest element of this book, and the main reason I just know it’s gonna be a massive hit.” — Jamie Manning, author
  • “It felt sooo good being back in Ms. Lawton’s completely crazy-pants South …. no way could there be anything crazier than some of the stuff that happened in Want. Oh, wow, was I ever wrong …. If Ms. Lawton excels at anything, it is to take the fragile construct of a situation and Hiroshima it into the next universe …. even with all of the X-rated yumminess, there was distinct humor running alongside the schexy and the crazy. Can’t lie, upon the term ‘manscaping’ I burst into a fit of the giggles that lasted about 20 minutes …. I do hope [Stephanie] writes more Southern gothics. She writes them so well and so deviously delicious.” –Jennifer Dee, Mundie Moms Guilty Pleasures
  • “Stephanie Lawton writes another addictive story in Need. She has strong prose, and excellent storytelling skills ….  You’ll be hooked from the very first page.” — Emily, Book Jems


Need.v4-finalHere’s where it’s available:

If you do read it, please, I’d be ever-so-grateful if you left a review somewhere — the site where you bought it or Goodreads … both if you love me. 😛

Hope you enjoy getting to know Isaac and Heather! And if you want to know even more about them, DIRTY LAUNDRY, a free short story, will be available from Inkspell May 22.