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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

If you know me at all, you’ve heard me mention my writing partner and honorary brother Israel Parker. This dude’s got mad plotting skills like no other, and he’s been working on an insane sci-fi/dystopian/horror novel called GREEN VALLEY that completely rocks my socks.

“But, Steph, you don’t usually read that kind of thing.” I know, I know, but this is the exception. Why? Because it’s seriously effed up and twisted, and yeah, that is right up my alley. 🙂


A serial killer is on the loose in Green Valley, but what if he’s the good guy?


The year is 2036 and the United States is pulling out of an economic crisis, thanks to new industries and technologies that thrive in Green Valley, Ohio. Regarded as “America’s Hope,” the city also boasts being named the safest city in America for five years running. But now Green Valley, one of only a handful of cities protected by the still-experimental Unified Enforcement Police, struggles to catch a new-era murderer who continues to kill and elude capture. As the elite federal police close in on the killer, they discover that something darker has infiltrated their perfect city.


Happily bumbling through his predictable life, Milton Simon comes face-to-face with murderer Clarence Jasper and is surprised to find that the killer has a message for him: JOIN ME. Milton soon learns that not only is Green Valley not the safe haven everyone perceives it to be; it’s Hell on Earth.

*   *   *

And now for the cover!

GREEN VALLEY FINALCreeeeeeeepy, yes? Yes, precioussss.

*   *   *

And here’s a little more about my “brother”:


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Born into a musical family, Israel moved several times early in his childhood until eventually settling in Henderson, Nevada. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, later enrolling in the Coast Guard’s elite Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Program. He was one of only four members to graduate in his class.

In 2004, Israel was stationed at Air Station New Orleans, one of the Coast Guard’s busiest air, search and rescue units. One year later, Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed the Crescent City. He participated in countless daring rescues. These experiences fueled his desire to tell his stories.

Israel currently is stationed in Barboursville, West Virginia with his wife Melanie, their two children and their faithful Basset Hound, Roxanne. He remains on active duty, serving his country as a Coast Guard Officer.