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ShelfLifeReleasePartyFBCoverIt’s here! It’s here! SHELF LIFE is here!

Okay, technically it’s here *Kindle* and here *paperback* and here *paperback* (Nook, iBooks, etc. coming soon), but we’re also celebrating all day on Facebook with giveaways, contests, excerpts, etc.

Join the SHELF LIFE release party!

The complete opposite of the slow, sultry sex-appeal found in the Southern settings of WANT, NEED and SHRAPNEL, SHELF LIFE is set in a fictionalized version of Columbiana County, Ohio, where I lived before moving to the Deep South. It’s a rural, blue-collar place with gorgeous seasons, long, harsh winters and economic hardships.

I’ve always loved the idea of being completely self-sustaining, or “off the grid,” but I know I’d never survive long. Enter Pete Wilson, an average guy with a big dream and lots of responsibility. So many books feature young and new adults who go the traditional route of graduating and then leaving for college, but that’s not the norm in many places.

So many have to go straight to work, commuting to a university to squeeze in a couple classes here and there. I wanted to focus on those people, the ones I bumped elbows with at Youngstown State University, smack in the middle of the Rust Belt of the Midwest/Northeast.

I also have a serious soft spot for those in the military. Even though no one in my family served, I have many friends who have. I’ve worried over them, then celebrated when they returned. I also have other friends who came home in one piece, but were hiding internal damage and still struggle with it months, often years later.

All of this combined to form the residents of Crestlane, Ohio.

I hope you fall in love with Pete and Lindsey as much as I did. 🙂