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Wanted: Stephanie Lawton

Have you seen Stephanie Lawton?

It’s been nearly a year, yes, a YEAR since I last posted. To say my private life was turned upside down would be a massive understatement, but all those details have diddly squat to do with you my friends, colleagues and readers. The result was that my creative writing life was put on hold until I could break the surface and take in a deep lungful of air.

Thank you for being patient with me, and if you’re reading this, thanks for still following. You may not know it, but I rereleased SHELF LIFE with Inkspell Publishing in October. I enjoyed self-publishing it in 2013 and learned a whole helluva lot about the process, but I adore Inkspell and was happy to place it in their capable hands.

That brings us to 2015. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Weekly posts (of a somewhat personal but relevant nature)
  • Interviews of fellow authors
  • Featured new releases
  • Specials from my publishers

And best of all …


It will be released this summer, and I’m very excited to tell this story. Like SHELF LIFE, it’s set in Crestlane County and answers many of the questions created by the cliffhanger ending. Poor Pete and Lewis have been standing in the cold for over a year now! Most of the characters make return appearances, but there’s a new one I’m dying for you to meet. She kicks ass and takes no prisoners. (Total girl-crush on her.)

Again, thank you for hanging in there with me and I’d love to hear some of your New Year’s resolutions, writing/reading-related or otherwise! Muuuuah!