You ever have one of those days that’s been so crappy and tried your patience so hard, that if one more person so much as looks at you wrong, you’re likely to snap them in half?

Today was one of those days.

While crying in the restroom, I began plotting people’s fictional deaths. Or at least how I would write them into my next novel and make them pay (all while verbally and intellectually decimating them – YASS!). I decided I have no more fucks to give to the following people:

  • Bad bosses who suck the life right out of you
  • Those who don’t keep promises
  • Those who blow you off
  • Rude dipshits who don’t hold doors
  • Rude dipshits who don’t hold elevator doors
  • Smug co-workers
  • Snotty little shits whose parents didn’t teach them manners
  • Jerks who change the rules of the game midway through
  • Asshole drivers
  • Parent cliques
  • Workplace cliques
  • Fucktards who think the dedicated bicycle lane is a turning lane
  • Deadbeat dads
  • Anyone who slights one of my kids
  • Donald Trump
  • Angry, middle-class white men
  • Those who second-guess me and underestimate me
  • Gossips

Anyone else have someone they want me to off in fictional form? I’m open to suggestions and would be happy to provide you with much-needed catharsis. I mean, most of my books are angsty anyway, and SHELF LIFE was way political. I clearly have no qualms snarking at stupid behavior.

Can you think of other books that were obviously aimed at someone/something? I just finished THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas and she says it was inspired by the #blacklivesmatter movement. That’s an overt connection, but I’m trying to remember current books that were clearly (but not explicitly) reactions to something or someone…