Over the past few weeks, I’ve alternated between Want (which you can now pre-order! Holy crap!) my novel that comes out June 7, and “Aftertaste,” a free short story that dovetails with a scene in the book. It’s told from a different character’s point of view.

Well, guess what? “Aftertaste” comes out this Wednesday March 14 Friday March 16! Like I said, it’s free and it will be available through Inkspell. (Incidentally, Inkspell will be offering free short stories from a number of my sister authors this whole week.)

SO. This week is the last time I’ll post six sentences from “Aftertaste.”

At some point, I have to go downstairs. It wouldn’t be so bad on a regular day. She doesn’t always cling to me like the dust on the baseboards. Really, I have more pressing issues to deal with, it’s just the mornings after the dream that leave me listing. I don’t need Freud to explain it to me, and I certainly can’t talk to anyone about it.

Which is why the dream is so bothersome.

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