So … *twiddles thumbs* You finish your first draft and it’s good. Really good. Champagne for everyone! (Except you–you don’t look old enough.) You send it off for feedback and wait.

What is a writer to do while waiting for feedback on their WIP? You can’t revise without the feedback. You can’t move forward. You can always prepare for the next step:

  • Update your website
  • Compile a list of agents/editors to query
  • Write your query letter
  • Write your synopsis
  • Pimp out your upcoming release

And then what? THEN WHAT?! ‘Cause I’ve done all those things and now I’m sitting here going crazy, spamming my friends, attempting to read (hellooo Fifty Shades Trilogy), wondering what to do.

See, the problem is, I have no idea what I’m writing next. Sure, sure I’ve tossed around a number of ideas, but none of them seem right. At least, not right now. I’m throwing stuff against the wall but it ain’t sticking. Normally, I’d have an idea lined up, possibly a loose outline, even some preliminary research and a page or two. This time? Nada.

If you’re a writer, how do you spend this in-between time? Where do you find inspiration and ideas? Do you dive into your next project?

Please leave me some comments or I’ll be forced to start cleaning my house. *shudders*