I don’t know about you, but this was a trying week! I love reading all these #sixsunday posts and losing myself for a bit.

Today’s six are from my current WIP (the name has changed so many times), which is almost ready for querying. It’s a strange YA mutt of horror, paranormal romance, historical fiction and a tiny thread of LGBT.

Here, two of the characters meet for the first time:

When your parents split up because your dad caught your mom with another woman and the boy you’ve been crushing on since kindergarten suddenly nicknames you “lezzy,” identity crisis is a given. Mom’s even asked me more than once if I want to talk about the possibility. Appreciated, but not necessary. Jake—and the heat creeping into my cheeks—is proof.

Jake lifts his chin but doesn’t get up from the piano bench he’s claimed. Neither of us says a word, but the charged air between us snaps me in the face like a bull whip.

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