Happy #SixSunday!

Below, the main female protagonist of my ghost story SURRENDER (which I started querying this week–eeep!) is meeting one of the spirits that still haunts Oakleigh Mansion (a real antebellum house in Mobile, Alabama). She’s breaking the rules by going outside at night.

I’d love to know your reactions to the setting and sensory details:

On the balcony, heavy night air carries the sounds of crickets and frogs. The ancient railing is solid beneath my fingers but slick from humidity. The wet dog/rotting fish stench of a nearby swamp blows past and rustles the live oaks in the front yard. The leaves are so loud that I almost don’t hear it.

My name—soft, slow and deep.


*shivers* I’ll have more of Dylan and that spirit in the coming weeks. He’s one of my favorite characters!

As always, be sure to check out the other Six Sentence Sunday participants–it’s so great to see what everyone’s working on, and how much some of them pack into six little sentences. Have a great week!