Happy Six Sunday! The past few weeks, I’ve been posting lines from the scene where my MC, Dylanie, meets a mystery man outside her second-story balcony at Oakleigh House. So far, he’s called her name, asked to be invited in, and made a few mildly suggestive remarks. Dylan, who is a psychic medium, is trying to figure out if he’s real or a spirit.

He asks her one last time if he can come in:

My brain screams no, no, no!

“Yes.” It comes out like an exhale, one that’s been trapped inside the air-tight cage that is my pathetic life. It feels good to say yes to something unapproved and maybe even dangerous.

Another blink and he’s on the balcony with me. Shit.

Oopsie. Dylan’s in for it now. 🙂

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