Well, hello there gorgeous! Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday, where participants share six sentences from one of their manuscripts or WIPs.

Below is another excerpt from Shrapnel, my weird mutt MS. Dylanie is in her bedroom at Oakleigh House where she’s spending the weekend with two other psychic teens who are trying to get their abilities under control.

She’s fallen under the influence of a smarmy Civil War-era spirit who refuses to leave Oakleigh until he gets what he wants. He strikes up an odd deal with Dylan, and offers to “school” her in an area with which she has little experience. This picks up after their first kiss, when things get more heated. (I have to skip a couple paragraphs to avoid major spoilers.)

I shiver when his hands move from my back to circle my waist. Not the reaction I was expecting from him. Jackson brushes his thumbs over the soft flesh, coming dangerously close to a line I don’t want to cross yet. I’ve gone from zero to sixty in the last five minutes, no games of truth or dare or movie theater make-outs to soften the shock of skin on skin—or whatever he has—and lips in places they’ve never been.

“Tell me, Dylanie, are you still completely inexperienced? Or have you shed that particular fear tonight?”

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