Today I’m happy to present a guest post on world-building by fellow Inkspell author Sasha Summers, who has not one, but two new books out.

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Hi Stephanie – THANK YOU for having me on your wonderful blog. And thank you for letting me gush about the things that help me write.

I have two things I must do when I’m writing a book:

  1. Create a playlist or soundtrack
  2. Create a cast or story-board of sorts. Now I use Pinterest for this since there’s pretty much anything a gal could need for making an ideal storyboard! *I heart Pinterest!*

So the playlist… When I’m writing contemporary romance, I tend to pull songs that have lyrics. I’m not sure why, but lyrics don’t interrupt my flow… when I’m writing contemporary that is. Here are a couple of songs that were looped while writing my upcoming release, Hollywood Ever After:

When I’m writing my fantasy novels – it’s rare for me to have songs with lyrics. I’m not sure why this is? These also tend to be kind of heavy and moody to really help pull me back in time to ancient Greece, Olympus, the complete package. Here are a few songs from my Medusa, A Love Story soundtrack:

You can find more of my playlist on YouTube [sasha writes].

Now, on to my story-board… This is way too much fun – even if it is a serious part of my writing process. I’m kind of a movie-holic, so I tend to pull my characters from actors and actresses. You can find all of my book storyboards on Pinterest.

Images for Hollywood Ever After:

Images for Medusa:

You can feel, I think, the difference in the books and styles they’re written in.

Regardless of the genre – these two pieces (soundtrack and story-boards) are essential to me. Thanks for letting me share, Stephanie.

*** Please note: Hollywood Ever After is not a young adult novel. If it was a movie, it would be rated ‘R’ for mature content. Medusa, A Love Story is a solid PG-13. ***

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