Good Sunday morning, fellow Sixers! Below is another excerpt from my current WIP. It’s extremely rough–please forgive any awkwardness. It’s also from an adult piece, not YA, so heads up. I’ll probably move this over to an adult fiction identity I created, though I’m not sure what name it would (hopefully) be published under.


“Tell me, do you believe in fighting fire with fire?”

“What the hell does that mean?”

She maneuvers her way into my lap, wrapping smooth legs around my waist. Her limbs are still damp with sweat, her mussed hair a reminder of my rough treatment. A few strands tickle my cheek when she leans in. “In our case, it means the only way to handle a lunatic hell-bent on retribution is to be vindictive in return.”

As always, please check out some of the other Six Sentence Sunday participants, who represent nearly all genres and stages of publication. This is my last Sunday for a few weeks while I go on vacation, but I’ll see you on the other side. Have a great week!