We just returned from a week-long “vacation” in Ohio to see family. It was lovely to be back in blue-collar land without the INSANE humidity of the Deep South, but man I couldn’t be happier to be back!

While there, I had three book events: a signing/book club presentation; another book club presentation with a college bestie; and a signing at my home town’s library. I SOLD OUT OF BOOKS IN FIVE MINUTES. I’m still reeling from that one!

While on the road, WANT’s blog tour rolled on. Here are some of the highlights:

Great reviews at:

AND (holy crow!) my podcast with Girls in the Stacks! (Please forgive the inane giggling. I was nervous.)

Today there’s an extra scene on Great Imaginations that fills in some info Juli mentions in WANT.

Be sure to check out all the tour stops since you can win an e-copy at most of them. And now I must go work on actually writing … there’s a not-so-secret project that awaits! Have a great week!