Did you miss me?! (Say yes!) I’ve been MIA due to a vacation, but I’m back and ready to roll out another six from one of my adult projects.

Close your eyes,” she says.

Mortifying, that’s what this is. As she lifts my shirt over my head, I realize that every time she literally strips me bare, she strips away a little of the wall I’ve constructed. It’s like she sees right through the brick, laughs, and knocks it down one piece at a time. Not sure what she’ll find behind the wall. Not sure there’s anything left.

Kind of a downer, but it gets fun very quickly. 🙂 As always, please be sure to check out the other Sixers on www.SixSunday.com (including my 18+ alter ego, who is no. 32 on the list).

Have a great week!