It’s been a while since I posted something silly, so here’s a special, super-goofy tribute to the man who helped launch WANT and was a huge source of inspiration and support during the writing of SHRAPNEL (coming in January) plus another project I’m not allowed to talk about yet. 🙂

This mystery man? My honorary brother and writing partner Israel Parker.

Israel Parker

Husband to an awesome lady, dad to two adorable munchkins, and author of THE ANNE MARIE, he’s in the throes of revision on his second book, an adult sci-fi/apocalyptic/horror novel tentatively called GREEN VALLEY.

To help explain why he’s so special, (you know, besides that he saves people’s lives for a living) here are a few birthday greetings from our fellow critique group members:

  • CARRIE COX: “Party horns all around and three cheers for the guy in gauntlets and a pink shirt!” (Note: I forgot about that! He wore the pink WANT shirt I had made for our crit group members.)
  • JOYCE SCARBROUGH: “Treat yourself to something decadent for your birthday, but no Head Soup!”
  • MELEESA SWANN: “Happy Birthday and send pics of any partying going on…especially any incriminating photos. LOL”
  • LEEANN WARD: “Happy Birthday and you should definitely have a chocolate cake drenched in delicious caramel…and I’m only talking about the cake :)” (Note: Yes, that’s an inside joke)

Now, why do *I* think he’s so special? For one, he appreciates all my dirty jokes and can throw one right back. Aside from my actual brother, he makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. And finally, he’s got mad plotting skills. I can bang my head against a wall for days and no lie, three texts with him and it’s all ironed out.

So here’s to you, dude. May the next few years speed by so you can move back to Mobile and spend your days writing and laughing with all of us.