*whispers* I have news. Good news. I just can’t tell you yet! Sorry to be a tease, but it’ll be soon, I promise.

In the meantime, here’s another six from Shrapnel, my mutt of an upper-YA paranormal. With romance. And horror … and historical fiction. Um, yeah.

Anyway, this is from Dylan’s POV, and she’s just transformed herself from a tomboy into a goth goddess with the help of a rather helpful spirit named Jackson (who may or may not have ulterior motives). She’s not used to dolling herself up, so he gives her a hand with her footwear.

“Fine.” I march over to the wardrobe and yank out the musty, old boots, ignoring Jackson’s lazy grin that sends my stomach into a tailspin. Except … the boots aren’t musty. Yeah, they look old, but they’re in perfect condition. The leather is supple and shiny, and the laces have been replaced with smooth, black ribbons. I don’t know whether to wear them or worship them.

I wrote this months ago, but just this week I bought my own pair of high-heeled black leather boots. Like Dylan, I’m not sure whether to wear them or just stare at them and drool. 🙂

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